Advertising Kiosk

The BrightSign TD1012 delivers straightforward looping playback of pristine video and images to impress any audience. Its PC-less, fan-less, solid-state platform gives users the best of both worlds--high reliability and low power consumption for a green solution. Since no cabling is necessary for playback, the tower is highly portable, versatile and flexible for placement virtually anywhere. This makes it ideal for a wide range of industries such as retail, museums, hospitality, tradeshows, healthcare, banking and more.

To keep the display current and engaging, content updates can be made remotely with the built-in wireless networking and support for BrightSign Network and Simple Networking solutions. Using BrightSign's free BrightAuthor PC application, simple networking tools allow users to update content remotely from a back office or from their headquarters across the nation. Users can even subscribe to RSS feeds for breaking news, stock values, local weather, etc.

The BrightAuthor PC software included with the BrightSign TD1012 makes creating, updating, managing and monitoring digital signage displays so easy, no technical expertise is required. Preset multi-zone templates and custom layout tools help users create eye-catching displays without having to manually configure coordinates and image sizes. Completed presentations are amazingly fast and easy to prepare for publication because the software automatically creates the playlist file and bundles it with the selected content, ready to send to a tower for playback.