To install an update into your nanoSign:

  1. Download the .ZIP SD Card Image (like the Fish Tank available below)
  2. Extract .ZIP file to a new empty folder (C:\nanoSign SDCARD)
  3. Remove the top center screw and open the top plastic cover
  4. Remove your SD Card from your nanoSign by pressing down on it and lifting it out (4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB Class 6 and 10 sizes must be used)
  5. Format your SD Card on your PC with a FAT32, or NTFS Partition and do a Quick Format
  6. Goto your C:\nanoSign SDCARD folder and copy all the files and folders to your blank formatted SDCARD drive letter on your PC
  7. Install the SD Card in your nanoSign and make sure it clicks into its spring loaded mechanism securely
  8. Reinstall the top cover and top center screw
  9. Turn on the power switch to the "I" position
  10. Your nanoSign will boot up, update the firmware, reboot, and playback the new video and audio files
  11. To power off your nanoSign, toggle the power switch four times quickly resting to the "O" position and all LEDs will turn off
  12. Important: Bright Author must be used with 3.9.12-td firmware and Bright Author to be used with 3.10.22 firmware for those making their own SD Card video presentations


Download Ambiance Digital Environments and Management Utilities for use with your nanoSign.

Manual & Utilities

Fish Tank 3.9.12-td

* factory installed default
Lava Lamp 3.9.12-td

Jellyfish 3.9.12-td

Fireplace 3.9.12-td

Snow Cabin 3.9.12-td